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At the heart of Bright Stem is a passion for all things creative. Inspired by the Bauhaus Art Schools philosophy that Art and Design should be developed together in relationship with industry. I set out to create an multidisciplinary creative business where these ideas could be realized. 


Working across different disciplines is natural to me. Being dyslexic I make sense of the world more through how things connect visually. Often creating large visual mindmaps (like the one bellow) to help explore what I'm thinking and to help develop new ideas.


So Bright Stem was set up to both create an environment where different things could come into contact with one another. Allowing creative projects to develop naturally across multiple disciplines. And as somewhere to present these different projects alongside one another. Thereby developing a visual language that would enable the public to see the connections made between different disciplines.

mindmap bright stem dyslexia working across disciplines creative industry
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